VETI Power towers: Speed, convenience, and efficiency

There never seems to be enough power outlets in homes and businesses, which leads to extension cords and adapters getting in the way of everything and making rooms look cluttered. Electrical contractors looking to add value to their customers while increasing the value of each client with ease, should consider recommending power towers to their discerning clients.

Power towers are designed to consume little space and allow multiple devices to be plugged into the same tower, neatly and, in some cases, almost out of sight. With the right power tower there will be no more messy cables and adapters lying around, plus the towers are simple and fast to install, making them a quick win for contractors – both in terms of making their customers happy and getting more business from each client.

Each home or business has its own design, and the owners wants their own personal style to shine through. Veti offers a range of power towers designed to fit unobtrusively into almost any environment, creating a feeling of comfort and reducing the need for extensions and adapters.

Naturally, as with all Veti products, quality and durability are guaranteed, and the towers all carry IEC and SANS approval.

Flush Mount Power Tower

Veti’s Flush Mount Power Towers are ideal for those areas where space is at a premium. The outlets sit flush with the surface of any counter, only protruding 2 mm to ensure the sockets are easily accessible and firm when plugging in or unplugging devices, and they only occupy 60 mm below the surface.

The Flush Mount Power Towers include one V-Slim RSA (SANS164-2) and one RSA (SANS164-1) power outlet, as well as one USB A and one USB C port.

Wireless Charging Pop Up Power Tower

Combining elegance and practicality, the Veti Wireless Charging Pop Up Power Tower provides six easily accessible outlet sockets as well as four USB charging ports in a unique design that is easy on the eye with a glass top finish and a blue LED power indicator. In addition, smartphones with wireless charging enabled can be charged from the top of the tower, whether it is in the up or down position. When not required the tower can be pushed down, out of sight. A simple push will powerlessly bring the tower up again.

Socket outlets available include four V-Slim RSA and two RSA power sockets, as well as two USB A and two USB C outlets (apart from the wireless charging capability). The power tower is designed to allow all the sockets to be used safely at the same time, without the plug tops interfering with each other.

Pull Up Power Towers

Veti offers an exceptionally convenient Pull Up Power Tower, with the customer able to choose whether they want USB ports on the device or not. The tower slides down into the counter or tabletop, even when devices are plugged in, ensuring it is out of sight when not attaching or detaching plugs – a patented feature of Veti’s power towers. Simply pulling the handle up will raise the tower for easy access.

The first pull-up model offers two V-Slim RSA and two RSA power sockets, while the second also includes two USB A ports.

Corner Mount Power Towers

For areas where multiple outlets are required, contractors can replace the old cheap, plastic adaptors with Veti’s robust Corner Mount Power Tower, which offers a longer lifespan and safer connections. The outer aluminium casing is designed to withstand everyday bumps and knocks, avoiding cracking, or breaking from regular use. The brushed aluminium finish also ensures that the corner mount units are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

These towers offer two V-Slim RSA and two RSA power sockets, which can all be used simultaneously without getting in each other’s way, and a model including two USB A ports is also available. The fastening mechanisms mean these towers can be installed vertically or horizontally in a corner, under a desk or even be used as a free-standing multi-plug power point.

Quality and simplicity

While all Veti’s power towers are designed to rigorous quality standards as well as for aesthetic elegance, they are also designed to make it easy for contractors to install. The towers require the minimum installation effort from contractors, which means they can be installed quickly. The quality of the design and manufacturing also means that customers will be pleased with the look and feel of the towers, as well as their long-term performance and durability.

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