Home 9 Home 10 -Tested and approved to all required
1 x RSA, 2 x RSA V-Slim and 1 x
USB Charger Socket Outlet
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Home 12 Shop Now Home 13 Home 14 1 x RSA, 1 x RSA V-Slim and 1 x
RSA Schuko Socket Outlet
Wide range of combinations to suit
any installation requirement
Home 15 -Tested and approved to all
required standards
-No alterations required for
a retrofit installation
-Available in an array of
dazzling colours
Shop Now Home 16 Home 17 Double RSA Socket Outlet
Home 18 -Tested and approved to IEC /
-Flame retardant polycarb
for all non-conductive parts
-Switches all loads up to 16AX
Shop Now Home 19 Home 20 One-Way Switch with Locator
Home 21 -Heavy duty powder coated iron tray
-MCB’s are C Curve thermal magnetic
-Tested and approved to EN60947-1
-Din rail connection according to
Shop Now Home 22 Home 10 15 Way Distribution
Board (Flush Mount)
Home 24 Pull up tower Shop Now Home 25 Home 17 -Spring-loaded handle
-Strong aluminium housing
-Ideally suited for homes,
offices, hotels, conference rooms
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