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AC Triac RF Switch

Features: AC Triac Switch Smooth dimming from 0.1%-100% RF Receiver at 868MHz 1 Channel AC Input and AC Output Wifi Compatible Flicker Free EMC Approved Bell Press Switch Control Not Optional

DC Constant Voltage Receiver

Features:  1 Channel Output (Single Colour Control) Smooth Dimming from 0.1%-100% Optional Bell Press Switch Control Repeater Signal RF Receiver at 868Mhz Wifi Compatible  PWM Dimming Flicker Free Constant Voltage

RF 220VAC LED Strip Controller

Features:  3 Channel Output (RGB Control Optional) High Voltage LED Strip Control Safe and Reliable Full Isolation Design RF Receiver at 868MHz Constant Voltage WiFi Compatible Standard DMX512 Signal Output PWM (Pulse - Width Modulation) Dimming

RF 400W WiFi Switch Module

Features : AC Phase Cut RF + Push Dimmer Push Switch RF Receiver at 868MHz Dim (MLC-1009SAC-HP) /Switch (MLC-1009SAC-HPSWITCH) 1 Channel AC Input and AC Output Can set minimum brightness WiFi Compatible

RF IP67 220VAC RGB LED Strip Controller

Features :  High Voltage LED Strip Control Safe and reliable full isolation design RF Receiver, 868MHz Waterproof IP Grade IP67 AC100 ~240V LED Lighting Output WiFi Compatible Standard DMX5 12 Signal Output PWM (Pulse - Width ...