Flicker-Free Round LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights deliver uniform light with low glare, limited light pollution and they protect from eye strain. They can be used outdoors or indoors and certain products allow customers to adjust the brightness of the lights according to their requirements.

VETi’s D2W range of round LED panel lights are designed for reliable, flicker-free performance over the long lifespan of the products. Available in various sizes to meet the needs of almost any residential or commercial customer, the VETi panels are offered in dimmable or non-dimmable, indoor or outdoor versions. While LEDs are designed for lower power usage, the power consumption of the panels varies depending on the customer’s lighting requirements.

The non-dimmable panels feature an internal driver (which converts AC to DC to ensure a stable flow of current, which results in less strain on the LEDS and a longer lifespan). The flicker-free panels are available in a variety of sizes, and starting at only 12mm in thickness, will fit seamlessly with any design and décor.

For customers requiring dimmable LED panel lights, VETi also supplies a range of these products with external drivers. These products can be automated to the customer’s requirements – switching lights on or off at specific times and adjusting the brightness – with the addition of an automation controller, such as those available from Major Tech.

Attesting to the quality of VETi products, these panels have been specified as the standard for The Leonardo in Sandton, a new, luxurious mixed property development that comprises luxury apartments, penthouse suites as well as premium grade offices.

The indoor panels are all rated IP20 while the outdoor products are rated IP65, which means they are protected from dust as well as safe from water intrusion. Taking the safety standards a notch higher, all VETi LED panel lights are also EMC Approved, ensuring they do not emit electromagnetic interference and are not affected by interference from other, non-compliant devices.

These thin panel lights are available in a range of sizes suited to every customer’s requirements. The versatile, high-quality panels are designed for a long working life and low power consumption.

For more information on the range of round LED panel lights contact Veti at 086 162 5678, [email protected], or go to www.wordpress-485052-1528037.cloudwaysapps.com.