Veti 1 Accessories

Major Tech offer a multitude of accessories to assist the end user in being able to offer a complete solution to any project. These modules are all manufactured from premium quality material to ensure the best product is available for the installation.

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V509Bulb & Flicker Adaptor 3

Bulb & Flicker Adaptor

Features : Bulb Flicker Adaptor for LED & CFL Lamps Developed to prevent flickering of LED / fluorescent lamps when used with locator / indicator switches One V509 is required per lighting circuit to prevent any ...
V510Cord Grip 4

Cord Grip

Features : Secures cables which come directly from the wall Prevents cables from being overextended and pulling out Simple clip in design
V404U5Universal Tactile Dimmer Module 12

Universal Tactile Dimmer Module

Features : 500W Major Tech suggest using our range of dimmable lamps to ensure compatibility Tested and approved to IEC60669-1 & IEC60669-2-1 Dims resistive loads up to 800W and inductive loads up to 600W Uses leading ...